Parent/Adult Guide

For many parents joining the troop, things can be a confusing.

  1. To get an idea of how the troop operates, make sure to look at the Contacts and Communications tab. 
  2. Your scout should also have or get a 3-ring binder that contains the information found on the Scout Guide Book page.
  3. When a scout becomes a Patrol Leaders, he should get a 3-ring binder with Patrol Leader Guide Book specific information to help plan patrol meals, skits, etc.

Some parents were very involved with their son’s Cub Scout pack.  The transition to a “Boy Led” Boy Scout troop can be quite a change.  In many ways, the parent’s job gets easier because the boys start picking up the reigns and become responsible for the troop’s activities.  In other ways, the parents role is more important than ever, but it transitions to more of a support and guide role as the boys learn to be leaders.

As a parent, please don’t mistake the boy scouts as a place where parent involvement is not needed.  There is still a lot that adults and parents do, it just happens behind the scenes more than it did with the Cub Scouts. 

There are typically three groups of parents:
    ♦  Those who were not involved very much in the past.
    ♦  Those who were super involved in the past and are looking forward to a break.
    ♦  Those who fit somewhere in between.

Whatever category fits you best, everyone generally agrees that helping the troop in any way, helps the boys.  Everyone also generally agrees that it still takes a bit of work to make sure the troop is organized and fun for the boys to grow up in.

Please ask some of the leaders in the troop what you can do to help — as in most volunteer organizations, there are some people taking on more than they should, and others who don’t take on enough – you can help bring balance.  There is something for this troop for everyone, and unlike many others, this troop works quite well together and have fun, and the common goal of making Troop 513 a great experience for the boys keeps us in the right mind set.

Adult Participation

All parents are invited to join the Troop Committee or Scoutmaster Corps or support the troop in some way.  We have found that when a parent takes an active role in the troop, their son is more likely to make a strong commitment to scouting and get the most of their scouting experience.  Please take a moment to fill out a Troop Resource Survey form to indicate the ways you may be able to support the troop. 

Parents are welcome to attend all events, but please keep in mind that attendance should be from the perspective of being an adult leader supporting the Boy Scout Program under the direction of the Scout Master, not as a “parent-son outing.” 

There are several ways for parents to take on helpful roles within the troop to make boy’s experience the best it can be.

  1. Scout Parent
  2. Merit Badge Counselors – key players in the adult advancement program. By serving as a merit badge counselor, you you offer your time, knowledge, and other resources so that Scouts can explore a topic of interest.
  3. Committee members
  4. Assistant Scout Masters
  5. Scout Masters

Please join us.

Troop Welcome Packet
    ♦ Get the most up-to-date information on how to join from this page
The typical “welcome packet” documents are shown below. 
    ♦  Troop 513 Fact Sheet – .doc
    ♦  Troop 513 Welcome Packet- .doc
    ♦  Troop 513 Joining Packet Handout – .doc
    ♦  Troop 513 Welcome Packet- .doc
    ♦  Troop 513 Resource Survey Form- .doc
    ♦  Troop 513 Annual Code Of Conduct – .pdf (.doc)

Troop Trailer Towing Information (for those towing the trailer)
    ♦  Hitch Ball:   2″
    ♦  Electrical Connection: Typical 4-wire, straight in a row connector

Helpful Forms

    ♦  Merit Badge Counselor Application – pdf (doc) Become a merit badge counselor.
    ♦  Reimbursement form -.doc  – for troop expense reimbursement

Additional Resources
    ♦  board of review guide:
    ♦  BSA Forms and tour permits:

Future Page Ideas:
The following is a set of Event Guides for scout led (with parent/adult facilitators)
    ♦  Event Organizer/sponsor/manager/facilitator/master Packet
    ♦  Have one packet for each event – facilitator can use it as a guide for running the event.
    ♦  Have redundancy – two adult facilitors and two scouts — they learn to work to divide up tasks and work together.
    ♦  Need help putting this concept together.
          ♦ common event planning form – durations, schedule of when to contact people, activity descriptions for emails, resources and equipment needs…


Some parents were very involved with their son’s Cub Scout pack.  The transition to a “Boy Led” Boy Scout troop can be quite a change.