Scout Guide Book

This page contains links to documents that make up the Troop 513 Boy Scout Guide Book. Typically, these are printed and placed into a binder that is brought to each meeting. It’s used by the scout to stay organized, tracking progress, prepare for rank advancement, etc.

Note that “Tab:” indicates the divisions pages within the binder.
A combination of all the following items (except those labeled “new“) can be found in one PDF document here

Tab: Rosters, Calendars, Uniform, Lists
    •  To-Do List – staying organized (pdf) (doc)
    •  Calendar
    •  Troop Roster TBD
    •  Patrol Phone Tree TBD
    •  Long term planner – Gantt chart (pdf) (jpg)
    •  Uniform Patch Locations and Inspection (pdf link) 
    •  Uniform Patch Locations Part II (pdf link)
    •  Uniform Patch Locations Part III – BSA Boy Scout Insignia page (new 2012)
    •  Uniform Policy (new 2012)


Tab: Leadership
    • Leadership Position Application form – pdf (.doc)

Tab: Rank Advancement
    • Advancement Process Overview – pdf  (.doc)
    • Advancement Checklist – for advancing to any rank – pdf (doc)
      (Note, there is no scout master conference worksheet required for advancing to Scout)
    •  Scout Master Conference Worksheet – advancing to 2nd Class – pdf (doc)
    •  Scout Master Conference Worksheet – advancing to 1st Class – pdf (doc)
    •  Scout Master Conference Worksheet – advancing to Star Class -pdf (doc)
    •  Scout Master Conference Worksheet – advancing to Life – pdf (doc)
    •  Eagle Palm Application Packet – pdf (doc) (link to source)

Tab: Activity records (This link contains the following) – pdf (doc)

    •  Activity Record
    •  Service Hours Record
    •  Outings Attended Record
    •  Camping Nights Record
    •  Leadership Position Record

    •  Service Hours Approval Form

Tab: Advancements and Merit Badges

All merit badge information including signed blue cards should be saved in this section of the binder.

See this page on merit badges for more information.

Additional information – optional for scout guide book

Merit Badge Counselor List

    •  Calendar